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Storage Buildings – A steel storage building is a kind of metal structure that is fabricated with the use of steel for internal support and also for exterior cladding. This is opposed to the usual steel framed buildings that generally use some other materials for the floors, walls, and the external envelope. Steel buildings are very popular for use as storage space, work space and living accommodation. They may be classified into different types depending on the way they are used.

Steel storage buildings gained increased popularity at the beginning of the 20th century. They are widely used during World War II and its use expanded significantly after the war when steel materials became more readily available. Steel storage buildings have become widely accepted because of the obvious cost efficiency on its construction. The range of uses eventually expanded with the improvement in materials, product types and increased design capabilities with the use of computer aided designing software.


Steel offers plenty of significant advantages over other traditional building materials like the use of wood. Steel is considered a green or environment friendly product. Steel storage buildings, once constructed according to the instruction materials, is very much a structurally sound building. Steel storage buildings are manufactured to the strictest industry specifications and tolerances. Steel storage buildings are also highly energy efficient. Any unused material can be recycled completely. Steel materials used in storage buildings do not warp, twist, buckle or bend. It is also easy to adjust for further size modifications. Its construction offers high design flexibility.

Steel storage buildings are also easy to construct or install. Steel as a construction material is very cost effective and its price in the market rarely fluctuates. Steel requires less maintenance and at the same time offers better safety qualities and resistance. Steel storage buildings are also resilient to mold and mildew. Mold needs moist and porous materials to grow. Steel materials do not have these issues.

Types of Construction

Some usual types of steel storage buildings are the straight-walled and arch, or the Quonset hut. The structural type may be further classed as clear span kind or multiple-span kind. Clear span structures do not have structural supports like columns in the interior space of the building. The straight-walled and the arch type refer to the outer shape of the building. Generally, these buildings are both classified as structural arch forms if they are to use a rigid frame structure. However, the curved roof structure is normally connected with the arch term. The steel arch building types may be very cost efficient for certain applications. They are very popular in agricultural industries.

Straight-walled steel buildings offer more usable space in contrast to arch type steel buildings. Straight-walled steel buildings are also a lot easier to mix with the existing architecture. Usually, straight-walled buildings are used for commercial, industrial, residential and other occupancy purposes. Clear span type refers to the internal construction. A clear span steel building uses large overhead support beams which avoids the need to use internal supporting columns. A clear span steel storage building tend to be much less cost efficient than a steel building that use interior columns. However, there are other important considerations which may influence the selection of the type of framing style like occupancy where the presence of interior structural obstructions is considered undesirable.

Get Prices Online

There are several websites that can give you a quick tour on steel building prices, quotes and estimates. By just filling the necessary information, a website can calculate the cost of your desired steel building. With the use of the required information, you can get an online estimate of the steel building price. You may choose between a Quonset Hut buildings or a straight wall style metal building.

Just enter the right dimensions of the steel building you want and an estimator tool can give you an idea or indication of what your steel building will cost you as far as materials are concerned. If this is within your targeted budget, you may get firm price quotes from several local manufacturers and suppliers by further completing the online steel storage building quote form.

In order to keep the final quote price within one’s budget, one needs to choose the best building project that would very well serve the intended purpose for a longer period of time. With this in mind, then steel is one of the best available materials to use or invest on. Building prices vary from area to area. However, with a clear vision of the intended purpose of a steel building, a property owner can construct a steel building with more modest means than previously imagined.

In time, when the property owner has more available money, he or she can make slow improvements on the steel structure and transform the building into convenient storage or cozy living space. With the right budget and keeping a focused eye on the desired goal, a property owner can construct an efficient and functioning steel building for whatever intended application. Storage Buildings